Pat Metheny - From This Place

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From This Place Tracklist:


The Pat Matheny album I've been waiting for. His signature sound is back. The added strings are a great addition to the group. Love it.


The orchestra sounds amazing on this and compliments the songs...


This is a musical storytelling, genius composing, and mastery of instruments, at its best from a master! I keep listening to “you are” and it’s the feeling of the times, anxious, worried, releasing, hopefully, but back to worrying! It’s a masterpiece.

Thurston4 Music

This is simply a fantastic album. Huge appreciation for everything Metheny has played and written - and this is no exception. Even with some new band members in the mix, the end result is the same - exceptionally high quality music with unique depth - there is no comparison in my view. And Antonio Sanchez - still showing why he's the best drummer on the planet...


Unmistakable sound , I reminisce for the Toots harmonics of by gone days. This comfortably fits in the Top 5 all time greatest Pat productions and compositions. Can I get this on Vinyl please! Fusion’s King has returned to his roots. Bravo!


I’ve been enjoying Pat’s music since 1979 and have seen him live in many incarnations - American Garage, Still Life, Secret Story, trio, Orchestrion, Kin, etc.- more times than I can remember. I’m stunned: Cinematic, innovative, jamming jazz, a look back to his roots (the Wes influence is clear) and strong elements of Lyle. Definitely different. One to get lost in, appreciating one of the greats. I can’t imagine music without him. Thank you.


I love this album I’m a big fan of Pat Metheny and this album hit the mark I just bought it again on vinyl from Amazon I give it five stars .

Terrible Tina

What a beautiful thoughtful song! Love it!

JH Cooper

Love Pat. Super talented. Great orchestral arrangements. Here's the deal. Cat can play jazz like few others. Loved albums with John Scofield and Ornette Coleman. Much of the other "stuff" should be exclusively for the "Weather Channel".


Great music unfortunately brought down by political and intellectual condescension. The “shame” is in the arrogance of the left.


Enough Said


Each song gets better the more you listen to it.

jonny baby

Top of the line musicianship. But the album suffers from an overproduced sound.


...for years to come. This is beautiful music and it is inspiring. There is so much depth and beauty that every listen brings something new. This is an absolutely essential album to own.

Krishna Blue

This is an amazing album. Went through the journey twice today. One vocal track which is unusual for a Metheny album, but was great. Perfect super talented group, saw live a few years back after they recorded main tracks for this. A masterful piece start to finish. As a whole it is impeccable musicianship, creative, inspiring and true to deep Metheny roots all over it. A little PMG vibe in here as as well. Might be one of his top albums and a very deep beautiful story. Metheny fans will be very very pleased. Thank you Pat and friends.


There is an annoying "sameness" with a lot of Pat Metheny albums. Talented dude, though.


So far this album is sounding awesome. Listened to the five available songs some 20 times so far.


The last couple of albums Pat Metheny put out, in all honesty, I wasn’t impressed with. I longed for a Pat Metheny Group album again, but I know that will never be. This album showed up on iTunes and there were a couple of tracks that you could listen to. When it began, I was hoping that it wasn’t like the last couple of albums. And well, listening to the first and second track I heard the Pat Metheny That made me a fan in the 70’s and 80’s. A new track was just added today called “Same River” and it’s absolutely gorgeous!! The full album is coming soon and when it does, I will play it from beginning to end. And I will be reminded again that Pat Metheny is one of the greatest guitar players in the world, and a musical genius.


Pat Metheny did it again! With this new album he keeps pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Every time he releases a new album, he creates something unique, innovative and beautiful. Yes, yes, yes!


You Are = really plush!


The songs "America Undefined and You are" defines Pat Metheny's song writing and performance journey in the world for the last 30 plus years, absolutly awesome and the best you'll hear this year from any jazz musician; and you can take that to the bank.


I just listened to the 2nd relaease from, ''From This Place,'' 'Wide and Far.' I was and am a huge diehard fan of the Pat Metheny Group. My personal opinion is that it's the best music ever in my 69 years. For the past couple of decades or so I have enjoyed everything Pat has done but always missed the PMG. Now, in a way, it's back. I'm not great with words but I can say that hearing...experiencing...this new music sent an amazing feeling through me that I can't explain other than a deep joyousness, peacefulness, richness and happiness, a feeling I can't say that I've ever had previously from any music except Pat's. Mr. Metheny's music is important to my being, it has been for over 40 years. I know there are many fans out there like me, old PMG loyalists celebrating this new music. It can only get better as more tunes from this truly remarkable album come out.


If the world comes to an end in 2020, I'll at least have some beautiful music to listen to when it happens! Wolcome back Pat! It's been WAAAYYY too long! Genius!


This is the unmistakable signature sound of Pat Metheny! Finally a return to signature style that drew me to Pat Metheny’s art in the 1970’s. This project tells a story without using words. Jazz from a master who has returned his back to his roots. Where is Lyle Mays?


...adrift...swimming with the current, looking down on the passage of...what? Time? You feel the First Circle, only measured anew, like Time has turned in on itself, seeking release from what has come. You can't believe what you see, this inverted soulscape. You want to run, but there is no running from this place. So you are left to the currents, staring at your shadow far below. Time is a vortex here, and now, the cycles of time have lost all meaning. You are...


Just heard ... no. Just experienced this new Pat Metheny track entitled "You Are". I had to listen twice, just to make sure I was hearing it right the first time. Can't wait for the rest!!!!!


Looking forward to the latest offering and return of the much anticipated new album! I pre-ordered as soon as I received the notification and new music released last week. This album will be another great classic!


After a long round of touring, Pat is finally releasing new material and I'm very excited to hear it! Reading on his website, he lets us in on his thought process about the origins and evolution of "From this Place". This seems to be in the same vein as "As Falls Wichita..." , "Secret Story" and "Map of the World" which are among my all time favorites.


Listening to the first tease called America Undefined I am so excited to hear the entire album in February. Wish we didn’t have to wait that long. This first song is signature Pat Metheny at his best.