Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By

A Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records Release; ℗ 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III

Music To Be Murdered By Tracklist:


I owed this 5 stars. This is still 🔥

Ksi ❤️🙌



Epstein’s Island.



The uneducated rapper

OG brings his amazing style tp the new era of hard bass and deep knock. Can't wait to bump this is my JBL Partybox 1000z


Always 5


Killller album! Been months and I still listen daily! You did it again as usual, Em!


Hey Em, what up with MMLP 3?!


The king has returned people

lucia cia

Lies! Em Sounds a little weaker in this new album. Doesn’t quite reach higher levels like the previous albums. It’s still good though.

Trust and Us


Janna PSY

This album gave me chills. The beats, the lyrics. The meaning behind these songs. Beautiful and the best yet.


This album is so good. 🔥 Em keeps getting better with lyrics and beats. 100% Recommend

Ladyblogger 33

True Eminem style. all of the tracks are good great album a must have

Ty Suvvy

Fireee bro


He's still got it! Possibly better than before. Many tracks left me speechless, jaw-dropped mid-song thinking, "How can he still be this good and spit lyrics so incredibly quickly?!?! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!" I did not buy this when I first heard it came out, but now that I got the opportunity, I am ecstatic. This is unbelievable. Just...wow. I've grown up with Mr. Mathers since his first album. I am amazed. He is awesome and needs to release albums every year. As a bonus, nineteensih tracks for $7.00. Thank you, Marshall. Incredible.

Mike Bowser

Super solid album ! Tracks aren’t too long & very much to the point. Not so aggressive, great balance of Marshall mindset with Shady energy! Eminem remains the GOAT


Legendary bars from the GOAT


and this album proves it


This man is the goat


this is a good album. my fave is godzilla, ABSOLUTE BEST. ❤️ these are good songs if i do say so myself. good album!!✌🏼❤️♥️💖


Eminem the Goat 🔥💯 Y’all say he’s terrible but his album is still number 1 With a surprise album get outta here


Yet another masterpiece by one of the greatest rappers of all time hands down. Eminem shows that even in this late form of himself that he is still the best. Even in a new era of hip-hop/Rap nobody can really compete wordsmith wise with shady. Ps: Keep them coming Marshall 💪🏻👑




The GOAT himself, and this is proof. This album is amazing, Eminem is just to good.


Another great album, lyrics on par, beats good, solid.

Rob N Tara

Those that LOVE REAL HIP-HOP, like the pure art of it, & the Real ARTISTS who take their art seriously: The Lyricism/Rhyming-Techniques, the production, MC skills, the SERIOUSNESS of their passion & pride in their work, etc. Everything J Cole meant saying HE LET NAS DOWN! Nothing to do w sales/streams! EVERY hip hop head, artist or fan, will easily have Shady Top 5! (10 at worst). Strictly as an ARTIST & the quality of their art as a PURE HIP HOP MC. Not bc he’s white, famous, or whatever. Em is a rare special talent, idc about personal feelings, just down to the basis of the lyrical MC genius he is. Not one word is wasted, & the layers of metaphors/message/meaning behind every bar he spits. After Revival & Kamikaze (which was far better than Revival) I thought maybe his best days were behind him. Then he drops this, which at this age to show he’s still this ridiculous lyrical genius at the core when he doesn’t try to conform into today but just does what he does unfiltered without tweaking his style to appeal to any demographic. Just Em w a mic, like what he was on the SSLP, MMLP, The Em Show etc. An artist who didn’t try to be what people wanted, instead he just showed them what they wanted. This album brought all that back (sans the stepfather & maybe 1 other joint), & he showed even at 47, he’s still a top talent in this game!

yo dudedudedude

Look I understand that we are in a bad time but we can still listen to music also Eminem you are one of my biggest idols in the world love your music.


Good album best since recovery can’t skip till beginning to e

macain underwood

I finally think he’s having fun making music


I can’t stop listening to this entire album. I really can’t put into words how much of a lyrical genius Eminem is, and these songs are shining examples of this. Thank you, Eminem for giving me life and helping me get over a crazy relationship with a toxic guy like nothing else.

Horror Survivor #1

Best album of 2020 and single this is one of if not the best em album since the marshal mathers lp 2 and also is one if not the best album of the past 20 years


Eminem eats mf’s for the fun it, I will aalways support Em

si da guy

This guy is legit and he is 47!!! So you thought people get worse and worse as they age well this guy said no sir and put out this legendary album

YeeHaw My guy

I listen to this album every day it's so good every song has its own type of story behind it especially darkness and the story behind some of them really makes them even better. Eminem killed the game again


Eminem or slim shady is what we are asking ourselves. It seems he has combined the psychopath Shady with the incredible lyricism of Eminem, creating a killer album


Nothin but clowns down here

mr author guy

Eminem is one of the most legendary rappers/ artists in general of all time. The influence of his earlier works like the Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show are monumental moments in the history of hip hop. HOWEVER. After Eminem’s Battle with addiction he released 3 albums that, while with some good songs, failed to love up to the original 3 albums. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was Eminem proving that he still had it and wasn’t done yet. BUT THEN. Revival released. Now, revival was a massive step in the wrong direction. Very few good songs, corny lines aplenty and just a general poor album. 2018’s Kamikaze and subsequent “Killshot” Diss track saw Eminem regaining the spark and the hunger that was missing since his addiction. This hunger is continued and streamlined in music to be murdered by. With standout tracks such as Godzilla & You Gon’ Learn bring some classic slim shady vibes, as well as tracks like Darkness proving Eminem wasn’t saying nothing of value. A great step in the right direction for one of the GOATS of hip-hop




First of all the reviews make me cringe. Just because you don’t like trap music doesn’t mean that it’s not real music it just means that you don’t like that music. Second, this album is nothing compared to Eminems earlier albums stop kidding yourselves you know it’s bad.


Probably his best work ever. Deep, powerful and amazing!


🔥 🔥 🔥

mo crazy baby

You guys say that Eminem destroyed the mumble rap but he used juice weld one of the biggest mumble rappers out there


Its not even close anymore


1) his voice is annoying 2) no flow 3) he features trash ass rappers and 4) boring music In my opinion his last good album was Recovery when he went hardcore and his voice was powerful, but after that it went downhill when he focused on politics and his voice sounds just annoying as hell. I can tell the younger generation which im sadly a part of will love Eminem no matter what cuz its "fire" or has "bars" i mean yeah it does but theres no emotion to it ya know and pretty much newer music nowadays lost all those. I like Em old album much better when he was funny, had flows, had Dre productions, and his voice was better. I still love you eminem dont get me wrong but ur done man


The king has returned and is taking back his throne.


Love u Em




Eminem is the greatest and he showed that in this album!!! I love it and I love him. The songs are versatile and put you in different moods, not just one through the whole album!


‪🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯

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